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0.88 SOL

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Wicked Katrinaz is a collection of 888 NFTs based on Solana, our goal is to create "Wicked Guild" with a leading NFT Scholarship program, host & sponsor eSports events and professional eSports players & create a charity program to help children in Mexico.

Join our Discord Server for more details and roadmap

Holders will recieve income in Solana from our Scholarship program revenue and $KTRZ airdrop each week.

Our Team

Gabriel González
Cryptocurrency enthusiast and 6+ years experience in mining, staking, trading, defi, masternodes and everything related to crypto 
Eduardo Romero
Gamer with great experience and will be in charge of social networks and scolarship program teachers and development for the overall project
Ricardo Gutierrez
Developer, Node JS, React, Python he will be in charge of all development and coding and also will help with game developmentand $KTRZ token
José Juan Ayala
Financial expert with over 20+ years 
experience, worked in insurance for 25+ years in Mapfre, Zurich, as director he will help with financials and economic models

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Scolarship program?

Rising NFT prices have made NFT games cost-prohibitive for some players—especially those who are new to play-to-earn. Scholarships are revenue-sharing programs that allow new players to borrow or rent NFTs, so they can play the game without having to spend any money.

We will create WICKED GUILD (NFT Scholarship Program)  to sponsor professional eSports teams and team up for play-to-earn operations, revenue from WICKED GUILD will be shared with holders.

What is the utility of having a Katrina?

Holders will recieve income in solana from WICKED GUILD operations and $KTRZ token airdrop each week, besides having dope artwork you can show-off in the Metaverse, check our whitepaper to see all the benefits.

Can i sell my Katrina?

Yes, we will list in main Solana NFT secondary markets, but we strongly advice you to hold your Katrinaz because you will get $SOL and $KTRZ rewards over time if it they are delisted from markets.

How can i know where the funds go?

We will add a Discord channel where we are going to post all addresses used and NFTs owned, we will constantly update you on balances and expenses, we encourage you to join our Discord server for a full experience and ask for holder registration if you own a Katrina

What about Artwork?

All 888 Katrinaz are unique in their own way, we had the help of some artists and Artificial Intelligence to deliver high-quality artwork you can display in the metaverse or in real life, holders and general public will be able to buy physical Katrinaz pieces with any crypto and we plan to add NFT printing service in the future for collections we are collaborating

How can i join Whitelist?

All you need to do is join our Discord server and ask for WL, only 100 spots available with NO MINT limit per wallet: Invite link is in the description of our Twitter profile.

Public mint will have a limit of 8 MINTS per wallet